Our topics will be around the evolving technologies supporting Unmanned Autonomous Systems, including Federal, State, Academic and Industries.  We received positive feedback that the topics and speakers from the fall AUVSI Virtual Defense, Security and Protection with strong cross agency and multi-domain operations will be expanded.  In addition, our outreach to the First Responder Community will be integrated.

Topics and Discussions such as Open Source Common Operating Picture;  Army’s Modular Open Systems Architecture; Army Future Airborne Capability Environment; Air Launched Effects;  Cross Functional Team Updates, impact of standardized training environment for mission readiness, Embedded Simulation and lessons learned during Confluence 20, Confluence 21, and ???

Planned Invited Commands and Organizations

  • FBI
  • Future Vertical Lift
  • Next Gen Combat Vehicle
  • Maneuver Center of Excellence
  • National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC)
  • USAF
  • National Air & Space Intelligence Center (NGIC)
  • USNavy  PMA-263
  • US Marine Corp
  • Other Federal Agencies (DOJ, DHS, FEMA, FAA, US Customs & Border Patrol, US Coast Guard, US Army Corps of Engineers…

Impact of the Federal Blue List of approved UAS systems ( US Dept of State, US Dept of Commerce), and recently announced FAA requirements