2018 Educational Grant Awards

Pathfinder Charitable Foundation (PCF) 28thAnnual K-12 Robotics Team Grant Awards

Pathfinder is the Tennesse valley chapter of AUVSI at the forefront of providing the unmanned commute with over 20 years of service.  We are truly grateful for the continuous support provided by our partners, sponsors, members and the unmanned community here in the Tennessee Valley.

Guided by our Chapter objectives to: a) Provide an organization for individuals who have a common interest in, and who wish to foster and expand, the domain of Unmanned Vehicle Systems, b) Advance technology, c) Exchange ideas and information in the field of Unmanned Vehicle Systems and to recognize the advances and contributions thereto, and d) Promote the education of the membership and the general public in the field of Unmanned Vehicle Systems, e) Document the history of Unmanned Vehicle Systems, we have continued to challenge ourselves to provide opportunities for our members and the local community through our annual symposium, grant programs, support of local robotics events and our partnership with the AUVSI Pathfinder student chapter at the University of Alabama Huntsville (UAH).

 In support of these objectives, the Pathfinder Charitable Fund (PFC) was established to provide a means of funding various goals within the local community.  One of those goals is the grants provided each year to local K – 12 robotics teams.  These grants help the recipients fund everything from providing seed money to establish a new robotics team, to purchasing parts to explore new avenues in unmanned technology, to providing, to participating in robotics competition to measure design solutions agains other likeminded teams.

This year PFC conducted its 28thAnnual Grant Awards.  On 11 September at Lee High School in Huntsville Alabama, local K – 12 robotics teams were given the opportunity to make a five minute presentation to the evaluation committee.  Presentations included a history of the team’s progress, how funding they were seeking, and what the funding would be used for in terms of their overall budget for the year.  The goal of the grant process is not only to provided much needed funding, but to also encourage forward thinking, management, budgeting, planning, and execution of the year end team goals.

This year PFC had over 30 teams make presentations for grants.  The team furthest away to request a grant was  from Fort Payne.  Presentations included PowerPoint slides, videos, and skits.  There were XXX new teams that requested grants to help offset start up fees.  In all, nearly $20,000 in grant money was awarded to the teams on 20 September at Lee High School.

PFC would like to thank all the teams that participated this year, Lee High School for letting us user their facility, the Pathfinder Chapter Board of Directors, and to all the Pathfinder Chapter sponsor, sponsors, and members who supported us this year.

Questions can be sent to Mr. C. James Head, Pathfinder Chapter Education Chair at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.