2023 Agenda:

Day 1

Monday, August 28th

 Day 2

Tuesday, August 29th

Day 3

Wednesday, August 30th

0600-0800 Hall Open to Exhibitors

0600-0800 Hall Open to Exhibitors

0600-0800 Hall Open to Exhibitors

0800 – Hall Open

0800 – Hall Open

0800 – Hall Open

0900 – 1000 - Morning Break (sponsored by COLSA Corporation)

0900 – 1000 - Morning Break (sponsored by the University of Alabama in Huntsville)

0900 – 1000 - Morning Break (sponsored by Torch Technologies)

1000-1200 – Session 1

Keynote: Mr. Forrest Collier, Chief of Staff, PEO Aviation  Video:  PEO Overview

LTC(P) Nick Ryan, Aviation CDID, Director of Aviation Platforms/ACM-UAS

Mr. Jeff Stevens, Program Manager Integrated Fires/ Rapid Capabilities Office

1000-1200 – Session 4

Keynote: COL Danielle Medaglia, PM Uncrewed Aircraft Systems

LTC Michael Brabner, Manuever CDID,  Robotics Requirements Division / Air Branch Chief.

Mr. George Goodman, PdM Uncrewed Vehicle Support Systems.

1000-1200 – Session 7

Keynote: Mr. Jim Williams, Beyond Visual Line of Site Operations Aviation Rule Making Committee

Mr. Jason Kirkpatrick, PM US Army Corps of Engineers Aviation

Mr. Curt Worshek, Director of the North Alabama Multi-Agency Crime Center.

1200-1330 - Lunch (sponsorship available)

1200-1330 - Lunch (sponsorship available)

1200-1330 – Pathfinder Awards Luncheon (sponsored by Deloitte)

1330-1500 – Session 2

Keynote:  LTG Rob Rasch, Director of Hypersonic, Directed Energy, Space and Rapid Acquisition

Chad Tillman, Director of UAS Operation Huntsville Alabama

Dr. Jay Moorthy, Aviation and Missile Center Advanced Teaming Lead

1330-1500 – Session 5

Keynote:  Mr. Dennis Teefy, Program Manager Sensors Aerial Intelligence, PEO IEWS

Mr. David Dopp, Program Manager Future Battle Platforms (Robotic Combat Vehicle)

Dr. David Bevly, Auburn University Professor and Autonomy Researcher

1330-1500 – Session 8

Keynote:  Mr. Sean Tynan, PdM Endurance UAS

Rob Premo, Director. Center for Cyber Innovation, Mississippi State University Raspet Center

Jerry Hendrix, UAH Director Autonomous Aerospace Research 

1500-1600 - Break (sponsored by CFD Research Corporation)

1500-1600 - Break (sponsored by Torch Technologies)

1500-1600 - Break (sponsored by Wavelink)

1600-1730 – Session 3

Keynote:  LTC Jeff Bess, PdM Tactical UAS

Digital Engineering Panel:

     Mr. Matt Sipe, Chief Engineer PEO Aviation

     Mr. Tony Still, Digital Engineering SME

     Dr. Greg Harris, Auburn University ISE Department Chair

Mr. Brandon Phillips, NASA MSFC Advanced Robotic Manufacturing.

1600-1730 – Session 6

Keynote: LTC Amanda Watkins, PdM Command Control and Effects

UAS Technology Panel:

     Mr. Sean Townsend, Chief Engineer PM UAS

     MAJ Mark Wetsel, Corps of Engineers ERDC UAS Deputy Program Manager

     Mr. Kris Strope, PM-UAS Science and Technology Lead

1600-1730 – Session 9

Keynote: Ed Gozdur, PdM Small UAS

Counter UAS Technology Panel

     Patrick Comes, Deputy Program Manager Counter sUAS

     Mr. Tony Davilla, Counter UAS Subject Matter Expert

     Mr. Jerry HendrixDirector UAH A2R / President AUVSI Pathfinder

1730 – 1900 - Icebreaker Social (sponsored by Sierrra Nevada Corporation)

1730 –1900 - Pathfinder Social (sponsored by Auterion GS)

2022 Agenda:

Day 1

Monday, August 29th

Day 2

Tuesday, August 30th

Day 3

Wednesday, August 31st

0530 Hall Opens for Exhibitors
0600 Hall Opens for Attendees 0600 Hall Opens for Exhibitors 0600 Hall Opens for Exhibitors
0700 Hall Opens for Attendees 0700 Hall Opens for Attendees
0715 Breakfast and PRIVATE VIEWING of ARTEMIS LAUNCH in the Nat Geo Theatre
Sponsored by Edge Autonomy
0715 Breakfast
Sponsored by uAvionix
0715 Breakfast
Sponsored by Auburn University Aviation

0815 Introduction

Dale Strong

0815 Introduction

Paul Finley

0830 PM Unmanned Aircraft Systems
COL Scott Anderson

0830 Future Vertical Lift Cross Functional Team
MG Walter Rugen

Phil Chu
0855 Airspace Command and Control
Jeff McCoy
0920Networking Break
Sponsored by Qualis Corporation
0920 FBI Operations
FBI Speaker
0920 TSMO Counter UAS
Brian Wohlschlaeger
0945 Networking Break
Sponsored by I-3 Corps

0945 Networking Break


1020 Welcome and Invocation

Jerry Hendrix

1030 Introduction

Tommy Battle

1045 PEO Aviation
MG Robert Barrie

1045 Aviation Center of Excellence
COL Bart Johnke
1045 Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office
Tarun Gupta
1110 Vision Navigation
Dr. Greg Reynolds
1110 Auburn University UxS Research
Dr. Scott Martin
1110 Advanced Autonomy
Dr. Marty Moulton
1135 Manuever Center of Excellence Small UAS
MAJ(P) Michael Brabner
1135 ACC-Redstone Contracting
Jeff Sullivan
1135 ISR Task Force
Cory Anderson
1200 Lunch
1200 Lunch
Sponsored by Textron
1200 Pathfinder Awards Lunch Sponsored by Deloitte 
1330 Tactical UAS
LTC Olin Walters
1330 Soldier UAS
Carson Wakefield
1330 Endurance UAS
LTC Chris Getter
1355 Propulsion and Power Technologies
Dr. Mike Kweon
1355 Drone Warfare History and Future
Alec Bierbauer
1355 USACE Payload/Tech
Jenny Laird
1420 Critical Infrastructure Protection
Jason Kirkpatrick
1420 PEO IEWS SAI Sensors
Dennis Teefy
1420 FBI Emerging Technology
FBI Speaker
1445 Networking Break
Sponsorsed by Axient
1445 Networking Break
Sponsored by Axient
1445 Networking Break
Sponsorsed by IERUS Technologies
1545 FAA Update
Jim Williams
1545 Command Control and Effects
LTC Amanda Watkins
1545 PM UAS Family of Systems
Sean Townsend
1610 Emerging Technologies
UAH Research Team
1610 Certified Autonomy
Jason Rupert
Charles Vanderberg
1635 UAS Threats
Dr. Scott Crino
1635 Coast Guard UAS
CDR Chad Thompson
1635 Dream Chaser at HSV
1700 Ice Breaker Social
Sponsored by Sierra Nevada Corporation
1700 Pathfinder Social
Sponsored by Auterion
1700 Farewell